There is a new technology around called smart metering and OFGEM, the energy industry watchdog, is pushing suppliers towards adopting them…

A smart meter gives the householder, or business, a much clearer picture of what is happening to their gas consumption.full blog post information at

Consumers will be able to identify gas consumption more simply and the display can be read in monetary spend, rather than kilowatt hours. More control should be enjoyed and this should lead to lower gas bills and lower greenhouse emmissions on the whole.

Keypad controls on the unit, or smart card reading, will allow prepayment schemes and the likes to continue.

Cheapest Gas welcomes the introduction of this technology, because we belive that it will allow the customers more control, and take away some of the mis-understandings surrounding those cryptic kilowatt hours.

Many business already benefit from smart metering whereby gas consumption can be monitored in half hour increments, rather than the usual 3 months.

Italy is a front runner, and the system is being installed right now, OFGEM wants the UK to embrace it too, and is in negotations with key players in the gas supply sector to roll it out.

The 3 key points are;

• Smart meters can deliver more accurate bills and improvements in customer service

• New meters could help tackle greenhouse gas emissions by making customers more aware of energy consumption

• Hi-tech meters could help fuel poor customers on prepayment meters by providing cheaper energy alternatives

The technology behind todays breed of gas meters is actually from way back in the 1960s, highlighting the real pace of change in the ex monoploy.

Sir John Mogg, the chairman of OFGEM is putting his weight behind the campaign and is looking to replace all gas and electricity meters with the new technology.

Smart Metering

Sir John said: “We recognise that there are benefits to customers from using smart meters, but with the significant investment costs involved to deliver them, we need hard evidence to show how such benefits can be delivered. This is why Ofgem is powering the smart metering debate so we can separate the myths from the facts. We will be working with the industry and consumers to deliver a smarter future for the household energy meter.”

Smart meters could help support micro-generation, this is the emerging technology that allows consumers to generate their own electricity.
Micro generation can come from rooftop windmills, or even the latest in high spec boiler systems that can convert wasted heat into electricity. Micro generation is a vital part of the future of energy conservation around the world, as governments begin to realise that they do not have money to burn…

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