There is a new technology around called smart metering and OFGEM, the energy industry watchdog, is pushing suppliers towards adopting them…

A smart meter gives the householder, or business, a much clearer picture of what is happening to their gas consumption.full blog post information at

Consumers will be able to identify gas consumption more simply and the display can be read in monetary spend, rather than kilowatt hours. More control should be enjoyed and this should lead to lower gas bills and lower greenhouse emmissions on the whole.

Keypad controls on the unit, or smart card reading, will allow prepayment schemes and the likes to continue.

Cheapest Gas welcomes the introduction of this technology, because we belive that it will allow the customers more control, and take away some of the mis-understandings surrounding those cryptic kilowatt hours.

Many business already benefit from smart metering whereby gas consumption can be monitored in half hour increments, rather than the usual 3 months.

Italy is a front runner, and the system is being installed right now, OFGEM wants the UK to embrace it too, and is in negotations with key players in the gas supply sector to roll it out.

The 3 key points are;

• Smart meters can deliver more accurate bills and improvements in customer service

• New meters could help tackle greenhouse gas emissions by making customers more aware of energy consumption

• Hi-tech meters could help fuel poor customers on prepayment meters by providing cheaper energy alternatives

The technology behind todays breed of gas meters is actually from way back in the 1960s, highlighting the real pace of change in the ex monoploy.

Sir John Mogg, the chairman of OFGEM is putting his weight behind the campaign and is looking to replace all gas and electricity meters with the new technology.

Smart Metering

Sir John said: “We recognise that there are benefits to customers from using smart meters, but with the significant investment costs involved to deliver them, we need hard evidence to show how such benefits can be delivered. This is why Ofgem is powering the smart metering debate so we can separate the myths from the facts. We will be working with the industry and consumers to deliver a smarter future for the household energy meter.”

Smart meters could help support micro-generation, this is the emerging technology that allows consumers to generate their own electricity.
Micro generation can come from rooftop windmills, or even the latest in high spec boiler systems that can convert wasted heat into electricity. Micro generation is a vital part of the future of energy conservation around the world, as governments begin to realise that they do not have money to burn…

Fuel costs affect everyone, even those who carpool or ride the bus or any type of fare based transport. Learning where the lowest gas prices are available is essential to anyone that has a budget for fuel costs or anyone that would simply like to save money when they fill up. Useful websites that provide such information are available and can make it possible for you to save on fueling your vehicle. Lower prices means more gas for your money and you could fill up with less, often staying within budget.

People planning long trips will benefit by knowing where to stop for gas and fill up to save during the trip. It is often a good idea to know how much you will need in advance before heading out on a trip. This way you can be prepared for high gas prices a few states over and possibly fuel up before having to be stuck in a high price zone. Knowing where the lowest gas prices could also help you plan your trip route to save money rather than getting there faster by taking high gas price routes.

Knowing where to fuel your vehicle in your home town is also an advantage when certain pumps could be controlled by different oil companies who are currently charging different amounts for gas. It is also important to be updated on the lowest prices for your area or an area you will be visiting soon to know where to fuel before you make your way home. People who travel often will also be glad to know where the lowest gas prices are to save money when fueling their vehicles. People who use premium grade fuel will also want to know where to find the lowest priced fuel to keep their vehicles in pristine condition.

Carbon Monoxide will kill you.

This unseen, non smelling killer is produced from faulty gas appliances. The gas has no smell and you are unaware of its existence, you don’t cough, or sneeze, you just drift off to sleep and die.

Carbon monoxide will not be detected by your household smoke detectors.

But did you know that if you are one of the lucky ones that lives, you may never return to the healthy state you were in before you were poisoned?
Carbon monoxide, chemical name CO, is the same gas that is produced in car exhaust gasses. If you smoke tobacco products, you are suffering from some form of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It poisons the body by attaching itself to your blood cells instead of oxygen, thus starving the blood supply of oxygen. The oxygen clings to blood cells in the normal operation of your breathing, but your blood cells cannot differentiate between oxygen and carbon monoxide.

Only minute doses of the gas can be harmful, because it is 5 times more sticky than oxygen.

Your good blood cells are now carrying a poison around the body, these cells are now useless, because they cannot release their clinging molecules and they die.

There is no quick fix by flooding your lungs with oxygen, you cannot just wash it away. The contaminated cells remain circulating for long periods of time, whilst your body is starving itself of precious oxygen.
Some of the irreversible effects from carbon monoxide poisoning are; brain damage, blindness, lethargy and of course death.

The Carbon Monoxide & Gas Safety Society had its 11th anniversary on the 25th January 2006.(

The official figures are not encouraging.

Over 50 deaths per year, due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Over 300 near misses per year, many of which have resulted in permanent damage.

Etobicoke Gas Prices

But because the UK government does not check for carbon monoxide poisoning, as a cause of death, the real figures are masked. With 3500 annual deaths unaccounted for, we must ask the question, how many of these are really from CO poisoning?

If you think that your gas appliances are fine, then think again. In 1996 a study was conducted by the health and housing group, they found that a staggering 1 in every 20 homes suffered from some form of carbon monoxide problem, that equates to nearly three million people at risk!

Credit cards for general purpose, credit cards for business, credit cards for specific stores, and there are credit cards for gasoline companies. Gasoline credit cards can give a driver a lot of peace of mind. They do not have to worry about whether or not they have enough cash, or if the gas station even accepts credit cards. A branded gasoline credit card means that where ever you go with that has the logo matching your credit card will take it for your our post here!

One of the great perks to having gasoline credit cards is that you can earn rebates for filling up your car. Another benefit is that there usually are no expiration dates on gasoline credit cards. No more pulling out the credit card and realizing you have the old one, forgetting to put the updated credit card into your wallet.

Rebates are nice because you can often use them towards the use of your choosing. Maybe you have them send you the rebate in the form of a check, or you can have attach the rebate to your bill. What about getting a gift card? This is a great way to trim down the expense of presents you are buying. You have already spent the money; the gift card from the rebated gas credit card is a great benefit that you can share with a friends or family member. Possibly even a gift for the office holiday party’s secret Santa program.

These benefits are a great part of having a gasoline credit card, but they only come into play if your account is paid on time and under the limit. In other words, make sure you keep your gasoline credit card account in good standing with your lenders.

A word of advice when it comes to making the most of your gasoline credit cards, pay off the balance each month before the grace period ends. This way you avoid interest charges. If you add the interest to the price per gallon you will be paying quite a bit for a tank of gas.

A final word about gasoline credit cards, do your homework. Don’t just sign up for the first gasoline credit card that comes across your computer screen, or that is at the top of the search engine list. Find out what each gasoline credit card company has to offer. If they are charging you an annual fee, you will want to look elsewhere. Keep an eye on what the interest rate is in case you are unable to pay off the entire balance before the end of your grace period.

best gas rewards credit card

As for grace periods, compare the various credit card companies to determine which one gives you the most time to pay off your credit card before attaching the interest to your balance. The most important part, make sure that the gasoline credit cards you sign up for are for gas stations that are available in your area. What good does it do you to have to use a tank of gas to utilize your credit card and get the associated benefits? check more info at and Keep all this information in mind when you are searching for gasoline credit card offers and you will soon have one that is perfect for you.